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Accueil » Codimag appoints Minh Duc Solutions as new agent in Vietnam to grow its business on a booming market

Codimag appoints Minh Duc Solutions as new agent in Vietnam to grow its business on a booming market

Codimag appoints Minh Duc Solutions as new agent in Vietnam to grow its business on a booming market

Bondoufle, France, 25 January 2021: The French manufacturer Codimag of printing presses for narrow web market announces the appointment Minh Duc Solutions as new agent in Vietnam.

Minh Duc Solutions (MDS) will promote Aniflo technology on a booming Vietnamese market, thus showing the increasing interest of this technology in the area.

Minh Duc Solutions (MDS) is leading distributor of products and service to the print sector of Vietnam. Our staff includes electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, printing engineers providing excellence in product quality, customer service and innovative solution to the printing industry.

“Over the last months, we have observed the Vietnamese market growing, but due to travel restrictions, it was complicated to go there and find the right partner.” said Benoit DEMOL, CEO of Codimag. “Minh Duc Solutions contacted us with a project, and several other came in the same time, so we have decided to move forward. Their knowledge of the market, their experience with other brands and their close relationship with printers convinced us that they were the right partner. For example, they have recently successfully installed a press from Edale, another brand they are working with, by themselves. This is the kind of local support we were searching, and the good feeling we have with the team made the rest, for a successful collaboration on the long term.”

At the heart of Codimag’s presses is Aniflo technology that, using waterless offset, offers the quality of offset, the productivity of flexo and the flexibility of digital.

By using an anilox inking system, problems usually associated with offset are eliminated: no ink/water balance issues; no ink key settings; no ghosting. Combined with fast-set up, low plate and ink costs, a fully digital workflow and print speeds of up to 85m/min, CODIMAG’ Aniflo presses are an attractive alternative to both traditional flexo and digital printing.

Le Phuc Tai, managing director of MDS: “We are very happy to collaborate with Codimag. The feedbacks from our customers are converging on a very strong demand on the label and packaging market. And thanks to Aniflo we can offer them the highest printing quality thanks to offset, a very high level of productivity comparable with flexo, and the versatility to print jobs both very short and very long. With Aniflo, we then add the flexibility the digital! Our market is booming in terms of volume, and customers are now looking for technologies to fulfil demanding end users (delivery time, high quality, shorter run). The Aniflo technology is answering the market trends and we are very optimistic to have a fruitful collaboration with the Codimag team.”

Versatile press options

Codimag produces three presses based on Aniflo technology. The VIVA 340 Evolution press is a stand-alone option suitable for printers with offline finishing capabilities. The VIVA 340 and VIVA 420 presses offer the same features and capabilities in 340mm and 420mm widths and can be configured with inline finishing options that can include hot-foil, flatbed foil, fluted foil, flexo varnishing, lamination, screen printing and die-cutting.

“This technology can address the challenges faced by the Vietnamese market. The versatility of our Aniflo printing unit is a strong asset for converters who have to print different jobs and many applications. And we know from experience on other markets that the first customers equipped with our technology will benefit from a strategical advantage on their local competitors!” Benoit Demol concluded.

About Aniflo Technology

Aniflo combines offset quality, flexo productivity and digital flexibility. It features an offset unit, with offset plates and a simple anilox delivery system that brings a uniform ink amount across the web. With the lowest operational costs, Aniflo is an economical choice for high-definition quality short, medium and long runs on any commonly used substrate – filmic or paper. Plate costs and imaging times are very short: all plates for the press can be prepared within about 15 minutes. Because it is intermittent, fewer consumables are needed, making Aniflo suited even for very short work. The high-definition capability and superior stability means Aniflo can print in extended gamut, like digital machine, without the inconvenience of high ink costs, click charges or planned obsolescence.”

About Codimag

For 40 years, Codimag has designed, manufactured, and sold printing presses with high added value at its facilities in Bondoufle, France. Today, it is the world leader in intermittent waterless offset label printing. Codimag offers solutions tailored to label printers’ needs with a high level of innovation, both in terms in technology and application, making its presses productive and cost-effective for many different markets. With a worldwide network of agents, Codimag can distribute its technologies around the world, and support its customers in a profitable, long-term relationship.

For Further Press Information

For further press information, please contact Annie Lox, Codimag ambassador and/or each of our new agents:

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Minh Duc solutions joint stock company.

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