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Codimag appoints new agents in Europe and expand its business on new markets

Bondoufle, France, 12 November 2020: Label press manufacturer Codimag announces the appointment of 3 new agents since the beginning of 2020.

AretsImagus and Lithomecanica will promote Aniflo technology on various markets, thus showing the increasing interest of this technology in these countries.

In Slovakia and Czech Republic, Codimag appoints Arets as its agent.

Arets is a reliable supplier of quality and proven consumables for the printing industry since 1993, offering a comprehensive range of products from reputable manufacturers. Their long-term knowledge of the Czech and Slovak market allows them to meet all European requirements while reducing migration in the food packaging production process. Their approach is both technological and economic, but also ecological. Their collaboration with Toyo inks started in 2007, offering suitable for all applications, such as waterless offset and highly reactive LED UV inks as well as for flexographic printing. Since 2010, Arets is also cooperating with Toray, world-famous manufacturer of printing plates for waterless offset, leading them to expand their business to pioneering machines from CODIMAG to produce all types of labels.

In Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Albania, Codimag appoints Imagus as its agent.

Imagus is a family owned company established in 1984 in Umag (Croatia), focused on supplying mainly flexographic and gravure printers. During the years, the company expanded the business by working with more suppliers within the printing industry such as 3M, Allstein, Coim Inks, DCM, DuPont, Edale, Esko, Fernite, Flex film, Mitex, Pamarco, Polywest, Pulse, Recyl, Sys-Tec, Tresu, ViaNord and others.

In Greece and Cyprus, Codimag appoints Lithomecanica Ltd as its agent.

Lithomecanica Ltd has been in Graphic Arts business since 1964, with a long experience in offset, especially in prepress. In 1980 Lithomecanica Ltd also introduced the technology of photopolymer plates into the Greek market, supplying plates and processing units. Lithomecanica Ltd is representing some of the biggest manufacturers of the international graphic art industry, offers to the market an extended range of high quality products for all printing applications: offset, flexography (narrow, mid and wide web), letterpress, gravure and screen printing. Lithomecanica’ s portfolio includes Waterless Offset Plates, Photopolymer Platemaking Units, Photopolymer plates (for flexography and letterpress), Anilox rolls/sleeves, Cylinders (magnetic, printing etc.), Adhesive tapes, Doctor Blades, Flexible Dies and other ancillary products.

“We are very enthusiastic to engage new partnerships to expand on markets where we already have machines installed, but where we were not enough present until yet.” said Benoit DEMOL, CEO of Codimag. “All these agents have in common to sell already brands that we are already partnering with. This clearly shows that the partnership strategy engaged over the last decades by Codimag with brands such as Toray or Recyl are more than just simple supplier/customer relationships. We had very good feelings with the people we met, sharing the same long-term vision of business and company values, along with customer service. Their feedbacks are converging on a strong demand on the label and packaging market for offset: printing quality, productivity, versatility. And with Aniflo, we add the flexibility the digital!”

At the heart of Codimag’s presses is Aniflo technology that, using waterless offset, offers the quality of offset, the productivity of flexo and the flexibility of digital.

By using an anilox inking system, problems usually associated with offset are eliminated: no ink/water balance issues; no ink key settings; no ghosting. Combined with fast-set up, low plate and ink costs, a fully digital workflow and print speeds of up to 85m/min, CODIPAG’ Aniflo presses are an attractive alternative to both traditional flexo and digital printing.

Alexander Kuklovský, managing director of Arets Graphics: “The synergies between waterless offset plates represented by TORAY and the use of unique technological solutions with CODIMAG machines, supported by our years of experience in printing technologies, will certainly be the advantage of this clever partnership. Perfect customer service is fundamental for our company, and it is a basic condition for our cooperation with future customers in this very promising segment.”

Dino Miketek, CEO of Imagus: “We covers a wide geographic territory, and we are focusing on promoting and selling wide variety of products with local support and local warehouses which enables faster reactions and delivery. Since our branch of business is so narrowly specialized, we in Imagus try to help our customers in every possible aspect, so beside supplying them with majority of consumables and machinery, we also offer a technical support, whether it is a check-up or service of machines, solving problems or consultancy. We are constantly educating our employees, following new trends and innovations, and visiting all relevant fairs to always be up to date with the packaging industry in general. We see the challenges and demands in label market and we recognized Codimag to be key printing press manufacturer for small and mid runs which has potential in our region and we are looking forward to start with on-line demonstrations of Aniflo technology.”

Markos CHORIANOPOULOS, Sales manager of Lithomecanica: “Our collaboration with TORAY, for Waterless offset plates was the initial reason for which we have decided to contact Codimag. Furthermore, their innovative Aniflo Technology goes along with our philosophy which aims always in high technology products that cover the demanding requirements of the market. Our collaboration with Codimag will strengthen our presence in the market. We are very proud that we have become part of Codimag network, and we strongly believe in the fruitful collaboration of its members. “

Versatile press options

Codimag produces three presses based on Aniflo technology. The VIVA 340 Evolution press is a stand-alone option suitable for printers with offline finishing capabilities. The VIVA 340 and VIVA 420 presses offer the same features and capabilities in 340mm and 420mm widths and can be configured with inline finishing options that can include hot-foil, flatbed foil, fluted foil, flexo varnishing, lamination, screen printing and die-cutting.

“This technology can address the challenges faced by these various countries. This versatility is a strong asset on markets where label converters have to print different jobs and many applications.” Benoit Demol concluded. “Getting the most cost-efficient solution is now critical in such an uncertain environment, and even more in a very competitive market for our clients. They require the right solution from a local contact, especially when travel restrictions across countries are preventing us to meet them directly!”.

About Aniflo Technology

Aniflo combines offset quality, flexo productivity and digital flexibility. It features an offset unit, with offset plates and a simple anilox delivery system that brings a uniform ink amount across the web. With low operational costs, Aniflo is an economical choice for high-definition quality short and medium runs on any commonly used label substrate – filmic or paper. Plate costs and imaging times are very short: all plates for the press can be prepared within about 15 minutes. Because it is intermittent, fewer consumables are needed, making Aniflo suited for short and medium run work. The high definition capability and superior stability means Aniflo can print in extended gamut, offering over 90 percent of the PMS colours without any need for ink changes and consequential washing.

About Codimag

For 40 years, Codimag has designed, manufactured, and sold printing presses with high added value at its facilities in Bondoufle, France. Today, it is the world leader in intermittent waterless offset label printing. Codimag offers solutions tailored to label printers’ needs with a high level of innovation, both in terms in technology and application, making its presses productive and cost-effective for many different markets. With a worldwide network of agents, Codimag can distribute its technologies around the world, and support its customers in a profitable, long-term relationship.