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Enjoy the Aniflolive Experience !

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Bondoufle, France, 15 September, 2017: Codimag (11C10) invites printers to experience the speed, quality and simplicity of its Aniflo label converting technology and pre-press workflow during Labelexpo – with options to arrange private trials on the company’s VIVA 340 Evolution press, in addition to public presentations, at the stand.

In the “AnifloLive Experience”, Codimag will demonstrate, in real time, the ability to print a label within 30 minutes of receiving the file. Printers may schedule an exclusive appointment to observe Codimag process their own PDF file in an automated workflow that includes colour management (using Esko Equinox software), colour proofing, plate-imaging, press makeready and printing.

Codimag’s Aniflo technology, featured on the VIVA 340 Evolution, combines offset quality, flexo simplicity and digital flexibility. Using waterless offset inks and plates, an Aniflo unit comprises an offset unit and a simple anilox delivery system that supplies a uniform ink amount across the web.

Those wishing to take part are advised to contact PDF files, to be sent by 17:00hrs CET on Friday 22nd September, should feature a minimum label size of 305mm x 305mm, with embedded images of minimum 300dpi and text outlined. Each participant will receive a bottle of French wine, and have the chance to win a special prize.

Benoit Demol, managing director, Codimag, comments: “Aniflo offers an end-to-end workflow with supporting software that enables a printer with even limited experience in offset to achieve precise, predictable results quickly and easily, and compete for short and medium run jobs. By staging the Codimag AnifloLive Experience, we intend to provide hard proof of this possibility, which is demonstrably benefiting label printing operations serving consumer goods markets worldwide.”

Aniflo’s high-definition, chemistry-free plates can be digitally imaged by CtP processors within three minutes for outstanding print quality on all commonly used label substrates. With fewer moving parts, and based on semi-rotary technology, Aniflo has low consumables costs and is easy to set up. The only part that needs changing is the plate, even for format alterations. Aniflo’s superior stability allows extended gamut printing, reproducing over 90 per cent of the PANTONE® Colour range without ink changes or consequential washing.

At Labelexpo, Codimag will unveil new enhancements to the Viva 340 Evolution. An improved human-machine interface transfers prepress data for label printing with minimal manual input in minutes. Advanced software allows automated register synchronisation and connectivity with elements in the customer’s IT environment, such as prepress solutions and ERP systems.

Codimag will also demonstrate its Viva 340 Combination press, a modular hybrid machine that can be configured according to customer needs. The Viva 340 offers integrated in-line finishing processes to enable added-value label production in a single-pass. The Viva 340 press demonstrated at Labelexpo will feature five Aniflo stations in combination with rotary screen, an enhanced flat-bed foil embossing combo unit, and flexo varnish. New features include a shorter matrix path to the rewinder, minimising the chance of web-breaks, and automated web guidance and camera inspection.

About Aniflo Technology

Aniflo combines offset quality, flexo simplicity and digital flexibility. It features an offset unit, with offset plates and a simple anilox delivery system that brings a uniform ink amount across the web. With low operational costs, Aniflo is an economical choice for high-definition quality short and medium runs on any commonly used label substrate – filmic or paper. Plate costs and imaging times are very short: all plates for the press can be prepared within about 15 minutes. Because it is intermittent, fewer consumables are needed, making Aniflo suited for short and medium run work. The high definition capability and superior stability means Aniflo can print in extended gamut, offering over 90 percent of the PMS colours without any need for ink changes and consequential washing.

About Codimag

For 40 years, Codimag has designed, manufactured and sold printing presses with high added-value at its facilities in Bondoufle, France. Today, it is the world leader in intermittent waterless offset label printing. Codimag offers solutions tailored to label printers’ needs with a high level of innovation, both in terms in technology and application, making its presses productive and cost-effective for many different markets. With a worldwide network of agents, Codimag is able to take its technologies around the world, and support its customers in a profitable, long-term relationship.

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